Shopping therapy for geeks

It’s the weekend and I really needed to sit back today. What better way than to get some shopping therapy from my close-by computer shop. Dropped in morning to pick up my promise media player.

egear box
eGear miveo pro

I’ve been wanting to get myself a media player since 2-3 months ago. And had the decision between this and another sold at the Low Yat forums. Differences were mainly price (less than hundred), warranty and support (firmware and service).

I decided to get this in the end because unlike the forum, I get 12-months warranty instead of only 6. And as much as I admire the forumer who produces updated firmwares very timely, the warranty was a turned off. Especially when I’ve not bought this player before.

And besides the player, I ended up buying more stuff. Thank goodness the computer shop is outside my house, somewhat.

I had to replace my ADSL modem which apparently was fried by lighting. Thank you Mother Nature. At the same time, decided to buy myself an AVR.

koss avr picture
PowerLogic KOSS AVR

Image credit: Powerlogic

The AVR is a device to regulate the voltage and take lightning hits. Plus, I’ve known the computer shop owner (and sons) since they’ve been there. So it’s comforting to know, if lightning does kill the AVR, they’ll help me restore it for only RM10. Not bad, I must say.

Shopping therapy tsaiko! 😀

P.S.: This post was written after I indulged in nearly half a bottle of wine. Whee!