Garrett Popcorn finally in Malaysia

Om my gawd! It’s kam-bing. It’s kam-bing I tell ya!

garrett popcorn klcc teaser
If you know who took this picture, let me know.

So what the fuss about – it’s just popcorn right? Wrong. Believe me, that’s what I thought as well until I just ate 1 of it and by gosh, it’s a popcorn like no other you’ve tasted in Malaysia – nearest place which has this is Singapore. And like my friend said, once you’ve had the Garrett Popcorn, you’ll hesitate ordering cinema popcorn – ever!

It’s hard to describe the popcorn but here are some visually different facts of the Garrett caramel popcorn:

  1. It’s rounder.
  2. Caramelized all round – evenly.
  3. It’s bigger than your normal popcorn.
  4. It’s golden browned all over – well-covered with caramel.

Okay. It really sounds good. But hold your horses.

In Singapore, their Caramel Crisp sells from SGD8 for a small bag. And that bag is smaller than your McDonald’s paper bag. Converted to Malaysian Ringgit, be prepared to pay about RM16-20 per small bag.

But the question on my mind now is, will local cinemas like TGV or GSC or MBG, allow us to bring this into their cinemas?

Or, will one of our local cinemas raise the bar and allow Garrett Popcorn to set up a small kiosk at their concession area for patrons who are willing to spend for this premium oh-so-nommy popcorn?

It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. So watch your social media timelines when Garrett Popcorn officially opens! 😀