Crying in my own garden

I decided to allocate 1 hour today to catch up on my reading. And I wanted to do it outside the patio, seated at the table where I can see the green garden accompanied with music using my headphones and a cup of tea. Serenity.

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Peace of mind

I teared – seriously!

Before leaving this spot within my home, I looked at the green leaves of the potted plants and the trees nearby. Selected a song (K-On’s Fuwa fuwa time) I felt like listening to and closed my eyes, letting the music fill the blackness.

I started listening to the drum beat and envisioned myself playing it. Then, my imagination took over, placing myself in the school hall where K-On played, for the throngs of people.

Before I knew it, I was thinking to myself…

If I could see myself, I’d be emitting an aura or light, like a rainbow. Colourful.

So positive, anyone near me would be able to feel it.

Telling myself in my mind, I’ve done superbly well.

Simpleet is doing awesomely well.

We’ve really accomplished a lot.

And, I have reached a level I am very happy with for myself and Simpleet.

At the final thought, I couldn’t help but tear and feel this drop. It was such an overwhelming joy of happiness, if I didn’t realize, I’d have broke down crying to myself in the garden.

Even as I continue listening to the song now, putting the emotions I felt into this post, I can’t help but want to cry because I feel really really really happy.

I suppose this is what is, tears of joy. 😀