Hot soup to Khun Thai

Joined my parents for lunch as my Dad wanted to introduce me to the cuisine called; hot soup. It’s the literal translation from “Sup pedas” and the place was hidden inside Seri Kembangan.

Restoran Kien Kee Sup Pedas Ayam Kampung

They’re mainly popular for 4 dishes – as I recall; rice wine chicken, drunken prawns using the same rice wine, black sauce chicken and the infamous peppery pig soup with intestines and meat. All 4 of these dishes are served in a claypot so you order for the number of people.

Drunken prawns and black sauce chicken

The pig soup has a real kick because of the amount of pepper they use. Unfortunately, there was none left for a picture to be recorded. 😛

Then, with Hakka blood running through my veins – though I don’t speak a word of it, they use what my Mum calls “yellow rice wine” for the rice wine chicken and drunken prawns. The difference between yellow rice wine and the bottled rice wine in the supermarket is the yellow rice wine tastes sweet. Probably to get you more drunk without knowing it. LOL!

We Malaysians just know how to eat

You’d never believe how much we Malaysians eat until we’ve taken you out for a ‘makan’ session. And that’s just what Ariel’s Japanese language classmates did with their Japanese teacher.

Being a good sport, she obliged to try the food we recommended to her. It’s like we’re now on a quest to make her familiar with as many types of good food found within Klang Valley. LOL!

Khun Thai Village

First stop for dinner was Khun Thai Village hidden inside Petaling Garden. If you’ve not been to the area, it’s not an easy find and lesson learned if you’re eating there after work…leave early! Stupid road to Old Klang Road is so freaking backed up because of the damn roundabout.

The group ordered dishes like kangkung belacan, some steam fish, pandan chicken, tom yam, some lala and squid, fried egg, some tau foo, some prawns and I think there was 1 more dish. But yeah, apparently we walloped all of the dishes within 15 minutes. -_-!

Next stop dessert

Once we were done with dinner, they asked if the teacher wanted dessert. After the green light was given, group of us ventured to KTZ in SS2.

Some of us were filled to the brim, while some others ordered some of the desserts – purpose of letting the teacher have a taste. It was really funny at one point because everything except the peanut soup was touched. The teacher also started feeling full so the group had no choice but to pass the bowl around the table with everyone taking a spoon until it was done. Lol.

Seriously, we Malaysians eat a hell lot! *phew*