When I grow up I want to be

A scientist because I want to be like Albert Einstein.

An architect because I want to create buildings. A psychiatrist because I really like the sofa all psychiatrist have in their room.

Whatever the ambition, this thinking process as a child was the answer to the question which has been lurking in my mind.

Why many students don’t know what they want to do when they grow up?

They lack imagination. They aren’t dreaming enough. Maybe I was an exception because as a kid, I imagined – a lot. When I got my first computer, I started deciding I wanted to design websites. But coming back to this matter, I feel many kids and teenagers today aren’t dreaming enough – that is the best word to describe it; dream.

Even if they were dreaming, I suppose its to go to some other country like their lucky rich friends. Or, to own that Playstation 3 console so they can talk about games with their other friends. Honestly, I was like that too and that’s find being part of the process to teach them about dreaming.

But it’s unhealthy to not realize you’re not dreaming of your future life. What is your ambition? What do you want to become? What do you enjoy so much now that you can make a career from it?

Ambition is part of your dream

Okay. Maybe you love to go clubbing whilst in college and you’re only studying accounting because your pay is high. So, start dreaming, how can you have a career in the clubbing industry because you enjoy clubbing?

If you love drinking alcohol, then strive to be an international bartender. If you love dancing, become a professional dancer or aim to be a choreographer. If you love meeting people, maybe marketing or mass communication is what you can study then work in a company who handles clubs.

All the opportunities I’ve described are the jobs you could have based around what you love doing. And by doing what you love doing, you’ll naturally think out of the box and it won’t feel like work because it’s something you enjoy spending time doing it. In addition, passion will drive you and push you harder. If there isn’t an opportunity, you will create an opportunity because you see it, whilst others don’t – that’s passion.

So, start dreaming. I’ll just continue spacing out. 🙂