Must Read: Before buying Apple iPhone 4

If you already have your Apple iPhone 4, it might be too late to save it. Save it from what? Definitely not Tom Dickinson’s blender.

But glass shatter. Yes, I’m referring to your shiny mirror-like finish on the front and back of your Apple iPhone 4. That glass, can shatter from a fall.

As much as I didn’t want to believe it, all truth has been published on the Internet. And to make matters worst, a couple of people have already done the Apple iPhone 4 drop test.

Exhibit A

This tester didn’t use a protective case or bumper, as Apple iPhone 4 users refer to it. However, notice the average height and drop of the iPhone 4. As much as you may be comforting yourself right now saying, you won’t drop it that many times, don’t be so sure. It’s really scary knowing that without protection, the glass shattered easily by the 3rd drop. In addition, I’ve a bad feeling our tarmacs is much more unforgiving than theirs. Ouch.

But hang on, here’s the final drop test video I want to share.

Exhibit B

This dude did the drop test with the Apple iPhone 4 bumper. The real life scenario tested were from heights of 3 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet and an attention seeking; 22 feet – off his roof!

After watching this video, you’d have a sigh of relief knowing you’ve a bumper. However, I’m wondering how much protection can a bumper give you because the front glass is still exposed. Possibly the back too, depending on the bumper you purchased.

Personally, this design flaw is holding me back more from getting an Apple iPhone 4. This “what if the glass shatters” is a whole different level compared to “I’ve a dent in my iPhone” from dropping it.

Which makes you wonder, will Apple release a newer iPhone 4 in the coming months?