My Valentines Days

Me and a friend were discussing how commercialized Valentines Day had become. Flowers; specifically roses, had become overly priced on such a date and you’d expect to pay double or triple the cost if you ordered even 1 week before. *phew*

Retracing back my Valentines Days

Thinking back when I first started celebrating Valentines Day, it’s really a kids event to me now. For the adult, probably an excuse to be romantic with your other half.

Some even say you'll get lucky

I don’t recall my first Valentines but here’s some of the stuff I’ve done for Valentines Day before.

  1. Bought 1 rose for a girl in primary school.
  2. Made a Valentines Day card.
  3. Wrote a sappy love letter back in primary school.
  4. Gave a set of silver earrings and necklace to a friend.
  5. Got an overly priced box and filled it with Hershey’s Kisses to be given to another friend.
  6. Had dinner and watched a midnight movie.
  7. Bought a bouquet of roses for my now fiance and got it delivered to her in college.
  8. Lastly, bought my fiance one of her favourite drinks. Story follows.

This year’s Valentines Day, I wanted to surprise Ariel by meeting up with her for dinner before her Japanese class because I normally wouldn’t. So once I was parked nearby her language centre, I messaged her casually asking if she had left work yet – she didn’t suspect a thing. Win!

Unfortunately, traffic was horrendous making her unable to attend class so she called to tell me she’s headed home.

Instead of just leaving right away, I changed the surprise. I told her that I’ll see her at home, as I was getting her a cup of bubble tea – still without her suspecting. When I saw her at home, I gave her the bubble tea and just wished her happy valentines day. She was happy enough to put on her smile for me. 🙂

Though every girl may expect a gift. It doesn’t have to be judged by its price tag. Being with them is more important.

By the way, that friend of mine who I was talking about the roses said in Cameron, cost of a rose is around only RM1.50. So, how much did you spend on roses this year?