Mister 29

I’m not sure when it started but my previous birthdays has been to restaurants with good food. The recent years it’s been either Lobsterman with the family or Japanese buffet places with my friends. Last year if I recall, I made the not-so-great decision of having it in Tenji. This year, I wanted to try something different from medium rare steaks and melt-in-your-mouth salmon sushi.

My friends helped make reservations at the talked about Simply Mel’s located in Bangsar South.

Chillaxing with a rose drink and cincau

We were lucky enough to walk-in and meet with the owner; Melba, who was dressed ready to head into the kitchen. Then seeing a cake box being passed to her staff, she asked who’s birthday was it and humbly congratulated me on my birthday – thanks Melba. 🙂 But shy-la. Lol.

We decided to order some dishes to share, in addition to some ala carte for those with bigger stomachs. I had quite a lot of rice in the afternoon so I stole some of Ariel’s belacan fried raice and it tasted awesome! 😀

Simply Mel's fish and chips
Omelette, Signature Melaka laksa and Belacan fried rice

One of my friends had their signature laksa. I didn’t try it but it looked really thick and yummies. The fried rice can be prepared in 4 styles if I recall. Ariel ordered the Belacan style while Hawk ordered the Chinese style. All I can say is the Belacan was yums! 😛

Devil's curry and Mixed vegatables

Some of us felt the Devil’s curry was spicy but hey, this is Malaysia. I’d say the Devil’s curry spiciness was well-balanced thanks to the tangy after taste of it. Besides, I found the stingray to be even spicier as you eat more of it – and you would. LOL!

Stingray and Chicken pongteh

The singray was soft and well seasoned that went very well with my Belacan fried rice – yes, I love my Belacan fried rice. 😛 As for the chicken pongteh, I didn’t get to try it as there wasn’t much chicken pieces shared. Though I believe it would’ve been awesome since the last friend who arrived even specifically asked us to keep the sauce for him! Alas, he told us too late. LOL!

Sago with gula melaka and Last Polka

For dessert, I opted for the Sago and Bubur cha cha to taste the must-have classics of what I call; nyonya cuisine. Sadly, bubur cha cha had run out so it’s a given excuse for me to visit Mel again. LOL!

And yes, we also tried some Last Polka. It was my first time having it and must say it’s texture is of another degree. Like Hawk was describing, you don’t get that icy rough taste in your mouth. The Nutella had the taste of Nutella but me being a 10-bread-slice-Nutella-monster, felt the Nutella spread still tasted much better. 😛 On the other hand, Hawk had the taste of the deep dark chocolate in grained in his mouth already. LOL!

And for my birthday present, my friends got me a Recesky build-it-yourself Twin Reflex Camera. Yes, I’ve got to assemble it in order to use it. Plus, it runs on 35mm film – ISO200 recommended! 0.0

Chi chak chi chak

Thanks peeps. Already very curious what kinda photos would turn out from this piece of art. 😉