Wannabe my super sweet 16

It’s about 5-10 minutes before my first meeting of the day. So thought about stealing the time to drop a quick blog post. 🙂

While driving over after dropping Ariel, there was this old Mercedes S-class at the turn. You know, the huge tank-like S-class instead of the more classy and smooth edged model now. So yeah, the vehicle caught my eyes because there was some dude sticking half his body out from the car’s sky roof.

And, it wasn’t no kid. He looked like he was in his teens or someone who either came back from overseas. Why in particular I’m mentioning this is because, you don’t see this behaviour in Malaysia.

It may be me. But I was thinking, what a spoiled rich brat. While his driver was manning the wheel, there he was out at the sky roof on his phone. As though he was trying hard to be part of the MTV series; my super sweet 16.

Well, sorry bud. It’s in the day time and there ain’t no hos or sluts to look at you.

Sorry if it sounded offensive. This isn’t Vegas and it was just done at the wrong time of the day.