Visit to PC Fair 2010 with Bloggers

A long time ago, some forumers and bloggers had a meetup at Starbucks, KLCC. Near to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre where the PC bargains turned into a conquest of promoter photography.

Yes, it became a quest and challenge for some people to not only snap as many pictures of promoters but to retrieve as many contacts. From their name, email and even, phone numbers.

This year the crew I was rolling with at the PC Fair was:

Me, Justin and Jeremy camwhored because I was telling them, how can you expect to camwhore with a Canon 400D and battery grip mounted with a 24-70mm f.28L lense. Seriously, it ain’t light.

photo of me, justin and jeremy
My camera in Jeremy's hand

Jeremy pulled it off. LOL! Think Jon and Azrin were walking in front of us, that’s why they weren’t in the shot. Though not sure where’d we squeeze them later. 😛

Besides a picture with the boys, I did manage to snap a picture with some promoters. Which is very rare. LOL!

epson booth
Just keep staring at their hair

And I guess, all of you want to know who and where the PC Fair babes were this year. Here’s a wall of photos for you.

pc fair booth babe faces
Wall of PC Fair babes

Upcoming post will be the photography talk I attended by Red Ninja called; Got Mojo? The main speaker was an Indonesian Wiki Lee who’s a wedding photographer in Australia.

All I can say is, after the talk I’m now going to work twice as hard to forge my own style whenever I even take PC Fair booth babes. 🙂