Chilli Rush challenge

Bunch of webcampers organized a makan session with Richerd, who wanted to eat real spicy stuff. One of them dug up the outlet at Jaya One called, Chilli Rush – about 2 doors away from Wendy’s.

chilli challengerThe chart lists down the spicy level for a number of chillis – cili padi is up there too. And some of those names are very unfamiliar to me, but the spicy level was enough to spook me. Also, yup, that’s Richerd – fire breather in a few moments.

Chilli Rush challenge

The concept of spicy level buffalo wings isn’t new to me. The first time me and Ariel heard of it and tried this was at a Singapore air strip. However, every chef has his own style so this tasted different.

The challenge was to eat a dozen wings of a super level in less than 2 minutes. Yes, 2 FREAKING MINUTES! Plus, super spicy level is suppose to be above Level 20.

zombie richerd
Brains, must have brains.

Well, that’s Richerd after 4-5 pieces of the wings. Seriously, he looked like he was in a daze or trance. As much as we landed support to our dear compadre, we couldn’t help but video record this whole experience. 😛


The memory card got filled up by the time I captured Richerd’s last moment. Don’t worry, he was still upright and kicking with his sexay now Joker-like fiery lips after the wings. LOL!

Burn baby, burn!

The rest of us wanted to know what the wings Richerd ate were like. So each person took a leftover piece to have a go. I didn’t have a piece but I can honestly tell you, even after licking a slight bit of the oil already had a spicy sensation and swallowing it down gave an irritable cough.

spicy chicken wings
Burn baby!

Everyone else who took a bite immediately called out for the soy drink to be their savior. Funnily, in a not a good way, the soy came pretty late so you could imagine what torture they were going through struggling for something to help them ease the spiciness. And Richerd had 6 pieces of that! *phew*

Once the main event was done, all of us ordered a main meal for the night. Me and Ariel tried their chicken or beef burger – glazed with their special spicy sauce, which you choose from Level 1 to Level 10. We only went with a Level 1 sauce but tried a Level 2 for the buffalo wings – waiter asked us again and again thinking we may have made a mistake. -_-!!!

beef burger
Om nom nom

The beef burger was really de-lish. The custom patty was very soft and tender that gave it a light feeling but would definitely satisfy your hunger. Honestly, I’m not sure how would I enjoy such a burger if it was a spicy level I had to worry about.

Look ma, no hands

The only reason I’m blogging about this is because I’ve never seen a toilet with this feature. Yes, it had a soap dispenser which you use your foot to help you dispense soap to your hands. I’m telling you, it’s brilliant!

soap dispenser
Use feet to press on big black button

I know, I know. It sounds quite jakun but it’s a device I’ve not come across. Plus, I almost dismantled the soap dispenser at the faucet to figure out how do I get the soap to come out. LOL! I guess this would be one of those RTFM moments – I didn’t notice the steps pasted there. 😛

Overall, it’s a nice place and from what I heard, it’s only been open for 2 weeks. So, Richerd was the 1st and only person at this moment who took the Chilli Rush challenge. Hear hear!

And I wouldn’t mind going back there again for the beef burger. Slurps. 😀