Andale, andale! Arriba, arriba!

Yeehaw! Well, I suppose there’s some truth to that now that I’m on 10mbps…bitches! *throw retarded gang sign with fingers all twisted up that it hurts* 😛

Streamyx did not serve me excellence but it did serve me well. That’s after I got a really nice technician come over and help me bump up the line. So thank God for him and may he and his family be blessed. Lol.


In the end, me and my sister-in-law decided it was probably strategic to upgrade the Internet line. Counting more than 10 devices connected to the Internet with more than 4 always connected and at least 2 downloading heavily, I only hit a wall deciding whether 5mbps was enough. So, I thought 10mbps made most sense..

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber. Let me show you how’s the performance based on the time and server locations.

8.50am - Kuala Lumpur
8.52am - Singapore
8.55am - Dallas, Texas

During this hour in the morning, I’m assuming the speeds may have been inaccurate because some people at home may have been downloading. But I’m not surprised with the international connection performance. To say the least, it’s better than using my so-called 1mbps connection.

5.03pm - Kuala Lumpur

This speed test was done while no one was using the connection and I believe it’s more efficient since most people around my area would be at their workplace than home.

Other known factors which affect the Unifi performance, similar to Streamyx, is the number of users in your area or how much bandwidth is being taken up.

The verdict

Is Unifi good? It’s alright.

So why upgrade? Because it’s just faster.

Is it noticeable? Kind of.

Then why not get the 20mbps? No budget.

So…can I leech your connection? Let me ask my imaginary friend first.

P.S.: LowYat forumer was helpful enough to get me signed up and he delivered his promise; installation within 7 days. Plus, installation team (2 young dudes) came on a public holiday and arrived 30 minutes earlier than the appointed time. Lovely.