Hot-ness! I don’t know if you’d call it humid, warm or plain hot. But all I know is I feel my sweat glans leaking and I’m getting all sticky. Even at night. 🙁

What in the world is happening?! Global warming b*tch slapping all of us. Or, is it just the normal Malaysian weather at this time of the year. Because as far as I recall, Chinese New Year is normally the season when the heat is really unbearable.

Okay. This may not be as bad as summer in Australia and probably Japan. But I still hate the feeling of stickiness. Especially even after a cool bath, while wiping down I feel like I’m sweating again.

Argh! Where’s the rain when you need it?!

*runs around the room like a headless chicken bumping into things*

Hmm, maybe if I stared at this picture long enough I’ll feel cooler.

lady by the beach

What d’you think?