My friend the whale shark

After a delayed arrival caused by both AirAsia and a very concerned passenger, we finally did make it safe and sound. Out of the airport, we got our first lesson in deciphering the train system.

It was a struggling start not only having to know which platform, but I guess confusion set in when you’ve signage informing you cars from 1-3 does something and cars 4-9 is something else. Though somehow we managed and successfully got to where we needed to be.

Our first meal in Japan was at a ramen shop which was no bigger than 300sq feet, probably.

The ramen reminded me a lot like the Musashi ramen taste in 1Utama. Except, it’s less oily and salty; thinner meat and only 1 slice. Despite this, I still very much enjoyed it because it was neither too heavy, nor too light.

After we were done gobbling down the food, we made our way to the first stop we wanted – Kaiyukan (Osaka Aquarium). In there I was very much excited to meet my new found friend the whale shark.

In comparison to the Singapore sea aquarium, viewing a whale shark up close is different than having experienced such a large aquarium in view. Not to mention, background music played makes viewing the whale shark so peaceful that if you didn’t rest enough during the flight, you might just fall asleep. 😛

We had a light dinner of takoyaki (ball-shaped snack) when we got back, but being Malaysian means having up to 6 meals a day, we were definitely hungry soon enough.

At around 9.00pm, we decided to do the next must-do in Japan – shop at a konbi (convenience) store. I couldn’t believe the variety of bento sets and other choices of packed food you could just heat up with a microwave. This even counted for dishes like Japanese curry rice (yes, rice) which I had. And it was good!

P.S.: The konbi was a 7-11. Sigh.