My home-made MSI Enjoy 71 review video experiment

I’ve always wanted to try this; recording myself doing a product review video with the product in my hands. It’s poked my curiosity on how do others record themselves and I finally know now – kinda. Doing this experimental MSI Enjoy 71 review video was a worthwhile experience. Plus, this was different than the time I had help from friends and I was the so-called host of the video.

Once I had the camera set up behind me, I realized it had to be recorded at an angle (otherwise, you’d see the back of my head) and I had to also sit at an angle so that all you see were my hands.

Recording setup
Recording setup

The MSI Enjoy 71 Review

After coaxing my friend (with a few drinks) to borrow his new MSI Enjoy 71, which he bought only for RM499 at the Midvalley IT Fair, he agreed to let me use it for this experiment.

MSI Enjoy 71
MSI Enjoy 71

So without further due, this was my 1st product review video; the MSI Enjoy 71 review.


By the time I completed my MSI Enjoy 71 review video, I realized the length for each shot was rather long. My initial expectation was that I wouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes per video. But even my unboxing video during the MSI Enjoy 71 review had to be edited down to 4 minutes from like 8 minutes. Eep!

The only thoughts I had to overcome this challenge was either I talk less or I had to break up the MSI Enjoy 71 review video into few parts. Because the moment I started recording about the gaming experience and device settings, I was going way over 10 minutes!

Overall, on the plus side is now I know how to setup a camera to record myself to do a product video review. Especially from an angle which you needn’t worry whether you had to be good looking or not. 😛

Oh. And I found out that I could just plug my headset with a microphone to my camcorder. Neat!


Okay. I can’t say TV host or game show host and show host sounds a little weird, because this isn’t a show. Apart from that, this was a video me and my friends wanted to try doing. By the way, I didn’t volunteer to be the host!

So anyway. We were discussing over mamak one night on videos we’ve seen on YouTube where there’s a person (normally a hot chick) talking about a game. It intrigued us to find out how hard it would be to create a video like it.

Thankfully, we got the opportunity to attend the Maple Story event. Some would call it their big break, for us, it was either that or filming at one of my friend’s house while he played. Thank goodness!

The video was edited by one of my friends. And because we agreed a show needs a name, we just went along with Gamescoop.


Let me know if you would prefer seeing a hot chick or I shouldn’t be in any videos in future. LOL!