I’m too hot to work for you

Could you work in the same environment with a guy or lady who’s too attractive in the office? Or, would you be overly distracted by his manly arms and chiseled face or her curvaceous figure and model-looking face?

Will your work performance be disturbed or increased if you were to work with this lady?

This is US news right now because Debrahlee Lorenzana was fired from her job for being “too hot”. From her interview, she mentioned:

  • Higher-ups said she was too attractive.
  • She wore clothes which weren’t appropriate – tight.

But now, her lawyer is filing a lawsuit under gender discrimination.

And as much as I can imagine working in an office with a hot lady, I don’t feel there’s a need to fire someone because his/her impression is a threat to your colleagues.

Or, are companies too worried about:

  • Boyfriends (or, girlfriends) breaking up with them?
  • Husbands (or, wives) divorcing them?
  • Sexual scandals happening internally?
  • They’re not gonna get some from him/her?

I find this case odd, yet interesting. Because I really want to know:

How does a hot lady or guy working with you affect your job performance?