Like the ink…

…that flows from this pen, my life lessens by every stroke. With every tip it touches, it gets coarser. Till its last drop it holds on, till itself almost consumed. When flung to the ground for fun, it bares the pain. The life of the pen that holds my words till this day reminds me of the love that I hold on..just like the pen.

Don’t question what it is as it just came and then left me as like how the chilling winds grace my face every now and then. Accept the abstraction without explanation as I’m confused and lost, trying to find my way. I hide in the cold bitter darkness now where it feels like the only place giving me shelter. Oh, what am I to do?

Life is sad..isn’t it.

I actually posted this on August 31, 2004 during my early blogging years. While looking back into the web archive for something, I stumbled on some old blog posts which you may would’ve never come across.

Gotta hand it to them. Without them, I never would’ve imagined or remembered myself writing this.

I Feel Like The Man

I feel really really REALLY good right now. I’ve no idea why but I feel like my blood is pumping a natural flow of¬†adrenaline¬†without the heart raising beat. It feels like I can accomplish all my tasks now, which I have.

It’s like I’ve absorbed a positive slew of energy and it’s constantly flowing out of me as I’m doing anything. When I try to grasp this feeling, there’s only 1 icon which comes to mind.


It just feels so good to be so positive. Now, if I can only digitize and store all this energy into a device which I can retrieve back again.

Ideas anyone? And please, I don’t have Kenny Sia’s USB.