The bitter truth about marriage registration

It is damn tedious-loh. In my defence, it was because we were looking forward to have the officiation at my house. However, here’s what happened in summary.

Rewind few weeks back

Spoke to my friend who’s a wedding planner and she shared with me that the couples would have to observe the registered address in their IC. Because if your address states you’re from Seremban and you’re marrying a person from Selangor, you’ll have to file an application for marriage in BOTH STATES – Seremban and PJ! Just in case someone in your hometown decides to object to your marriage. We’re both from the same region. *phew*

In addition, I also asked my friend about getting the registration done at my house. So she explained I needed to speak to the JPN’s registrar about it. Because some JPN officers don’t perform out-calls. Then, she suggested we try asking JPN Shah Alam. So we did.

However, this was when it started getting messy. The registrar there only does out-calls on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. We needed a Friday out of feng shui reasons. So, lady at the counter advised us about JPN Putrajaya as she knows they do Fridays. That let me have some relief.

But after calling up JPN Putrajaya, they only make out-calls within Putrajaya – I stay in PJ. *faint*

This was when after speaking to my Dad, he said we should drop by Thean Hou Gong temple – so we did.┬áThe lady over the counter explained their process very quickly and handed me a printed guide of what needed to be prepared. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t very clear to me despite her saying “sumpah sumpah”. Plus, my Mandarin is below basic so I couldn’t converse with her or the other staff.

Timing is everything

Remember I said we wanted to register on Friday for feng shui reasons. Well, we were also looking at the time between 11am and 1pm. This kinda complicated things a little even at Thean Hou Gong temple. Because they follow time slots that are allocated to couples apply in the order. Meaning you couldn’t really choose the time you wanted. Geez!

Fast forward to today

We decided to sort out this registration thing. In the morning, we went to go see a Commissioner of Oaths for a signature and stamp. Seriously, I believe this is the easiest money for lawyers. No need to check anything, just ask the couple to put in name and signatory, then the person signs. Done.

After that, we left for Thean Hou Gong temple. When we reached the parking lot, I forgot to bring copies of my witnesses’ IC. *slaps forehead* Hence, we went back to get it.

After waiting a few minutes as there wasn’t really a queue, we sat down and I took out the JPN form for the lady at the counter thinking we were all good. Until she explained to us that we needed to have JPN stamp the form as well. This was the “JPN verification” process in their printed guide. *stone face* *slaps forehead* So yes, we had to travel to JPN in PJ and get it stamped.

Back to Thean Hou Gong we went – again. This time, it was pouring so poor Ariel was swimming in her flats.

Splish splash splish splash

Thankfully, we now had all documents in order, paid RM80 and got the date we wanted. Just that, I pray we get the time we want and they won’t be stubborn about it.

In conclusion:

  • We went to Commissioner of Oath – paid RM8.
  • We went to Thean Hou Gong temple – 3 times then paid RM80.
  • We went to JPN PJ to get application stamped – paid RM20.
  • Travelling time between destinations back and fourth, approximately 3-4 hours.

Ain’t this the bitter truth. So make sure you’ve all your sh*t together if you’re not doing the officiation at the JPN office.