Right and Wrong

I’m lucky to admit when I reached my personal self-reflection, it opened my mind to a wider view. Yes, I still judge. However, I no longer lean on my feelings to judge right and wrong. I do my best to refuse to point who is right or wrong.

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Peace of mind

My belief now is there are always 2 sides to a coin. Two sides to a story. Both can be right. Both can be wrong. Even if you were right or wrong, who’s to make you the deliverer of judgement. Is it really your responsibility? Will you deliver it without judgement? Is the receiver prepared to listen and accept?

There is really no right and wrong. I recognize no right and wrong.

– Mary Maclane

Approaching my next stage in life, I thank my parents for bringing me up in an environment which had allowed me to find myself. It’s given me the opportunity to learn life’s lessons.

And I also thank myself for not giving up on myself. I may not be where I am yet, but I know I am getting there.