The telco got my IC wrong for 2 years!

I’ve decided to switch my 5 year plus loyalty of Hotlink to a DiGi Postpaid. My first ever number was when my Mum gave me her mobile. Back then, I was on a 010 number. And I think some telco recently re-activated it again, forgot who.

Why the switch?

Well, primarily it’s because DiGi’s data plan is fairer compared to Maxis. It’s not the data cap which makes me vomit blood, but the fact of the charges I incur if I run up the bill. Simple as that. I don’t think I considered Celcom because most of my friends are on DiGi and they’ve been praising it’s data reliability.

What about coverage?

Yes, I know DiGi’s still painting Malaysia yellow. But I’d rather put my investment and loyalty in a brand who does things right, rather than a brand banking on its size.

The switching experience so far…

Easy. I dropped into a nearby DiGi centre and took a number. The wait was about 45 minutes as there were lots of people. But when it got to my turn, I just told the guy what plan I wanted inclusive of data and all he needed to do was photocopy my IC and ask me to pay RM50 for the initial cost of the data.

Awesome but…

It’s taking me longer than 24 hours to activate my number now. Because DiGi informed me apparently my IC number at Maxis/Hotlink wasn’t correct. Seriously, WTF?!

I called the Hotlink customer service to clarify this. Though I’m informed I can resolve this matter at the nearest Maxis centre, I’m still finding the idea of a wrong IC number stupid. Because I’ve had my number for 2 years or longer, and only now, do I know my IC number was registered wrong.

How could this have happened?

Well, obviously someone somewhere screwed up filling up the form when I got this number. But I also personally felt this is why the government needs to work closer with private sectors. The IC number is a sensitive and personal information to all residents. Therefore, shouldn’t it have been verified in the first place?

Otherwise, it goes to show, anyone can register a number with a fake IC number easily. In addition, making enforcement to register mobile numbers with your full name and IC inaccurate and easily tampered.

Well, I hope this doesn’t continue to happen in 10 years.