Ice skating is not inline skating

One of the things I did for the wifey’s birthday was to go ice skating. I knew she used to ice skate a lot and when we were dating, she’d used to tease me by asking me to go with her. However, I used to shun the ice because it was out of my comfort zone.

But it was a good day. And marriage does change a guy.

Sad.. I know.
I guess I wore too much grey on that day

I even messed up lacing up the shoes when we were putting them on. Though I followed the instructions on a board, wifey said I done it wrong. T_T Inline skates would’ve been so much easier!

Hitting the ice

Walking with the ice skates reminded me of my inline skating days. So I grasped that pretty quickly. Then came the biggest challenge, hitting the ice.

My first move on the ice was trying to maintain balance because it was slippery. It was like trying to inline on marble floor. Whenever I tried walking, I could feel my feet slipping either front or back. Thus, I became wall hugger. But not for long.

Once I understood that I had to bend my knees to place balance in my center, I was more steady. Then I applied the motion of inline skating and I was moving forward. Though I still need to learn how to stop because the T-stop on ice seems a lot different than inline.

Forget about crawling

Let’s just make a dash for it and…whoops!

Minor ouchie
Minor ouchie

It’s like tradition. You gotta fall on the ice if it’s your first time.

I was trying to run on the ice, like how you can do it with inline skating. But I guess I lost my center along the way and slid a little to the front.

Good thing I guess is that this made the experience more memorable. And I have much lessons to learn from the ice.

P1 Super Wiggy Launch Event at Frames, Sunway Pyramid

When P1 unleashed their 1st Wiggy to Malaysia, I was one of the initial testers of the device. Me and some other bloggers brought it nearly everywhere, reporting on its coverage and signal strength as well as unbelievable speeds in certain spots – up to 8Mbps.

On Monday, I was invited for the launch of P1’s new Super Wiggy held at Frames in Sunway Pyramid. It was very cozy and I’d say it was just nice to cater the bloggers who attended. Not to mention, I had really great fun catching up with old friends and taking photos with them.

event montage
Frames indeed

And pictured above with Saimatkong, is the Super Wiggy. Which comes with a flip-stand and also a suction for you to stick it directly onto your laptop! 0.0

Plus, the P1 team added a nice touch to this event. They got IKEA frames to insert printed photos taken of us during the event. Me and Saimatkong were wondering if it was for decoration but indeed, it was for us to take home! 😀

It was a superhero themed event but it seemed I was the only person who donned a Superman t-shirt. I guess someone misplaced Batman’s light and there wasn’t booze to get a Joker among bloggers. Nevertheless, P1 recruited their own heroes.

picture montage
Wonder Woman with mystical powers

Followed after the superheroes were presentations by Noora and Jeck. The presentation by Noora was a general understanding of P1’s Wiggy advancement and the future to come; 4G. Then Jeck came on to demonstrate the benefits of 4G, what could we expect out of it – like using your iPad as a mobile phone, and P1’s upcoming MiFi (mobile wireless router) device.

picture montage
Heroes and Presenters

By the end of the presentations, bloggers were as hungry as horses – as usual. And as much as we love events, we’d always wish to have the food first or during the event – not after. LOL!

picture montage
Great food with great company

I’ve not eaten at Frames before but the food was interesting and really tasteful. The serving you see in the photo was only the starter and Frames allowed us to choose 1 of 4 different mains that night. Awesome! While I had the chicken, other mains like; pasta, fish and burger, looked really mouth watering.

And with great company, comes the fun-ner personality of bloggers. Camwhores! Just like the horny Vernieman up there. LOL!

Oh, by the way, the P1 team knows how to show their fun-ner side too.

p1 with superheroes
P1 Heroes

I’ve always enjoyed the P1 events and if they keep coming out with ideas like the frame, I’m pretty sure we’ll have more camwhores bloggers attending these events.

As for the Super Wiggy report, I’ll probably write more about it in Websites Made Simple. 🙂

The real Earth Hour

I was sitting in Starbucks at Sunway Pyramid. They too were in support of Earth Hour. Or at least, doing their best to support it. But then, I was pondering.

Is this how you really support Earth Hour?

Let me share with you the real story of how Earth Hour came about from the official website.

Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change.

This might sound cynical or from a hypocrite but though it’s not mentioned you have to turn off all the lights in your home or business, shouldn’t that be the ideal action for all Earth Hour supporters?

While sitting in Starbucks, I could still see the mall corridors and stores brightly lit. So I thought again, how much energy would they really save by only turning off the outdoor lights?

Is this communicating the wrong message about Earth Hour? Or, even if I switched off the lamp beside my bed, I can say I support Earth Hour?