Smart goal for 2012

Sigh. This be the 2nd time I’m writing this because I may have accidentally discarded the previous draft and I guess the iPad app was made too easy to do it without an undo. Oh well.

So, in summary. I was talking about my milestones and setting new year resolutions using the smart formula – specific, measurable, attainable, rewards and timed. Something I learned from a friend in my business network group.

2011 milestones:

  1. My girlfriend of 8 years is now my fiancé
  2. I started reading books again

What I’ve decided as my 2012 goals:

  1. Finish reading 1 book a month
  2. Publish 1 blogpost either on this blog or Websites Made Simple every 2 days
  3. Join a Mandarin course
  4. Refresh the design of Websites Made Simple before May
  5. Cleanup my workspace and room before Chinese New Year
  6. Do something nice everyday

Making sure I do what I set out to do

One thing I’ve learned from the smart goals is to measure myself and know how I’m performing. So I’ll firstly include my list as a widget on my blog to know everyone is holding me accountable. Then, I’m going to printout an A4-A3 so I can include what rewards I’d be giving myself for completing these goals.

While this is going to be really new to me and though it sounds scary, there’s always a first for everything. And I’m very sure I’ll come out more proud knowing what I can achieve especially when I do.

So all the best to everyone in 2012. And do tell me about one of your resolutions this 2012. I want to do something nice for you. 🙂