Who came down the stairs?

So my brother came upstairs all of a sudden to ask me, did you come down the stairs the last 15 minutes ago? I said, no. Puzzled.

He goes to ask his wife in the other room, she said no. Now, I’m curious.

Then asked me to ask Ariel if she came down the last 15 minutes ago, she too said no.

So downstairs I went with Ariel to ask my brother why was he asking that question. Apparently, my brother and Dad confirmed that they noticed someone come down the stairs. My brother then added, the person came down and disappeared very quickly.

Well, it’s not entirely worrying since I do believe in these things. Plus, I just joked with them saying maybe it was mama (grandmother) visiting us or maybe taking a tour of the house since she last returned.

Besides, I’ve had my fair encounters noticing a white figure in the shower. Heavy black figure sitting on top of me while staying in a hotel. Hence, passing black figure isn’t really something to be freaked out about.

As they say, as long you don’t disturb them, they’ll not disturb you. 🙂