Sprained thumb

So there I was, rebounding the basketball from under the basket which my teammate fired but hit the rim. Launching myself into the air while my opponent boxed me out, I reached for the ball and tapped it back out. With my teammate passing the leather ball back to me, swiftly avoiding opponents while dribbling, I took the shot and scored.

With the game restarted, I wasn’t so lucky this round. Once the rebound was out of my hands, the loose ball on the group bounced to the tip of my thumb and straight away I felt the sharp pain – thank goodness it wasn’t broken.

swollen thumb
Left me pretty swollen

With this injury, I can’t put strain on my thumb and the muscles nearby. Whenever I do, it shoots a tingling and later painful feeling. And with it, I’ve found certain tasks difficult to complete:

  1. Squeezing my sports bottle to drink water.
  2. Carrying a cup firmly by the handle.
  3. Carrying an overweight plate.
  4. Switching on my shaver in the morning.
  5. Holding my tooth brush firmly.
  6. Washing my ears and back thoroughly.
  7. Turning the tight doorknobs.
  8. Stretching elastic apparel.

Basically, any strenuous activity which involves using my thumb muscles is out of the question right now. However, luckily I still can type on the keyboard and give a thumbs up. 😛

Just hope this swelling goes away by the weekend. Not sure how I’ll fair holding the golf club later.