My new toy has arrived

Let me start by saying I panicked for nothing today. I thought I’d be meeting a crowd for my Anime Festival Malaysia tickets, as reported on their Facebook page.


But thankfully, there wasn’t a queue when I got there and I could walk up to the counter to buy them. *phew*

Coming back to my toy

When I got back from KL, I noticed a package had arrived. Curious as to whether my sister-in-law ordered something, I was happy to find it was for ME. LOL! I don’t get many packages you see.

It was the waterproof camera I ordered on Milk A Deal. It was only going for RM20 so I definitely had to have it. Plus, I could take it underwater! Though only for depths upto 3 meters. But that’s fine. It’s a waterproof camera! 😀

After taking it out from the courier’s package, it looked like a present where you prank someone by wrapping it with tons of newspaper. I almost felt that way until I saw the blue box inside.

My present

I really love the camera. And I especially like the bright yellow colour. I was pondering between this and the white version because I wondered which would be identifiable if the camera floated down to the surface on the beach.

I dub thee; Spongebob

And after much staring at the yellow, I couldn’t help but think; Spongebob. Which is why, my underwater camera is going to be called; Spongebob. LOL!

Oh. In addition, the instructions for the camera is very clear. That makes it a bonus buy!

Click on the image for larger version

The trinkets like the scrungie and bracelet you see was an additional gift which came with the package. Not sure why, but my guess is it’s because the merchant (Saccino) included it as an apology as they ran out of stock for the camera and they had to make customers (like me) wait to fulfil the order.

By the way, I do have to thank Saccino because I think they gave me free shipping for the wait in delivery. Kudos! 🙂

On another note, tomorrow is the start of Anime Festival Asia – Malaysia edition. AFA, here I cometh!