Removing the dreaded road tax sticker

If you drive a car and have stuck on recent road tax stickers, you know the stupid ass shit you’ve to do now to rid yourself of the road tax sticker. Especially the goo, gunk or sticky crap stuff that comes with the sticker.

Road tax sticker goo

This is the shit I was talking about and not to mention how ugly a sight it is on the windscreen!

The previous year, I tried using an eraser but trust me, don’t. It’ll make matters worst because all it’ll do is mostly shift the crap around and leave smudges.

So this year, I decided to give nail polish remover a try after digging some solutions to remove the road tax sticker. Now let me say, it ain’t a great smell to have on your hands or fingers. But it gets the job done.

After 5-10 minutes of nail polish

I’m not sure if nail polish removers have different grades, but it took me definitely more than 5 minutes to clean off the gunk. Even after that amount of time, you’ll notice leftover gunk still stuck on the windscreen. And the shit ass glue plays die-hard that it even leaves traces stuck on the cleaning cloth. Eesh.


After a good 15-20 minutes, I finally managed to get back the windscreen I once lost. Finally!

My fingers now still smell of nail polish remover and I nearly got a heart attack for sticking the wrong road tax sticker on the wrong car. However, I was lucky enough it peeled off without problem and didn’t tear. Phew.

Originally, I didn’t want to stick the road tax sticker directly on the windscreen this year but on a clear plastic first. But my Dad said if I did that, anyone can steal and use your road tax. In addition, his reason despite me saying the road tax sticker has our car number, he says no one checks that – go figure.

Anyway, here are some other suggestions to remove the goo other than using nail polish remover.

  • Goo Gone. Heard it’s a product you can buy from Ace Hardware. I’ll probably get myself a bottle to try for next year. 😛
  • Pen knife and hard card to peel and scrape the gunk. Though many fear damaging the window or their tint.
  • Lighter fluid. Beware that it’s flammable liquid.
  • Thinner and turpentine. Some forumer discouraged this as it can damage the tint.
  • Soap water. I was thinking of whether or not to use this but just went with the nail polish in the end.
  • Hair dryer. Apparently you heat up the sticker, it’ll come off easily. Though I doubt there won’t be traces of goo.
  • Eraser. As mentioned, from my experience, it just smudges the goo around than remove it.
  • Wet tissue. I thought I could just wipe it away after applying some nail polish remover but the tissue fibre just got caught in the goo.

Lastly, some people have said you can ask a workshop like Brothers or Eneos to help you remove, clean and stick the new road tax sticker for a small fee.

Anyway, the reason I’m not using the clear plastic technique is because I read this with regards to the compliance to JPJ, if you’re using the stick on plastic then stick on windscreen technique.

Display Of Motor Vehicle Licence ( Section 20 of RTA1987)

(1) Every motor vehicle licence granted under section 16 other than a motor vehicle licence granted in respect of a motor cycle or an invalid carriage licence shall be fixed to and exhibited on the vehicle in respect of which it is issued, in the manner and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed.

(2) No person shall (either by writing, drawing or in any other manner) alter, deface, mutilate or add anything to any motor vehicle licence, nor shall any person exhibit on any motor vehicle any vehicle licence which has already been altered, defaced, mutilated or added to as aforesaid, or upon which the figures or particulars have been illegible or of which the colour has become altered, by fading or otherwise, nor shall any person exhibit any colourable imitation of any such licence.

(3) Any person who contravenes this section shall be guilty of an offence.

Have you or friends been stopped by the traffic police because you used the plastic technique on the road tax stickers?