I just realized my meaning of life savings

Start saving. That’s the #1 advice I have for you. Gentleman or Lady, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is the dollars and cents. Heck, even if you were to elope, you’re still going to have to end up using money to do it. So start saving.

Sad as it sounds, I’m in my late 20s and it’s now only I realize why they call it; life savings. It’s savings for everything to do with your life – health, education, pleasure, weddings, family, kids, investment and retirement. Literally, everything.

Because I didn’t stick to a plan to save, I’m actually stressed out now with a few milestones in my life. I can catch up to what I want but I won’t be able to catch up to it fast enough. Hence, I’ll always be trailing behind it now unless I’ve a windfall of a savings.

So start early. Start saving today – I’m only in my late 20s and realizing the importance. There’s no such thing as starting too early. The next step is teaching our children to understand the meaning of a life savings and why they’ve to start doing it too. Then when they’re more matured, handing over your life savings plan you had for them.

Sigh. I feel really disappointed with myself. I hope you do the right thing and don’t disappoint yourself too. And most importantly, your continuity of your generations.