To finding myself

This might be post-new year’s syndrome, listening to Armin van Buuren on a New Year’s morning. Oh well..

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Onwards to 2016

While many were readying to party the night away yesterday, I couldn’t help to only think of what do I aim to accomplish in the next year, as its hours counted down.

Looking back at this neglected online space which I call ‘my personal blog’ in 2015, its obvious highlight was my first trip to Korea.

Outside of this space…

  • Managed to finish reading:
    • Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back If You Lose It
      (Marshall Goldsmith)
    • Blogging for a living (Grace Tan)
    • Getting to yes: Negotiating agreement without giving in  (Roger Fisher, William L. Ury, Bruce Patton)
    • 21 irrefutable laws of leadership (John C. Maxwell)
    • Today matters (John C. Maxwell)
  • Exhausted my thoughts with work
  • Celebrated friends’ weddings
  • Designed a cat cafe logo
  • Became a ‘heng tai’ for the first time
  • Partied at a notable blogger’s anniversary
  • Purchased my very own badminton racquet
  • Added 5 new Nendoroid to my collection

And I guess that’s it. Not too bad, right.

Goals of 2016

This year, I do hope and want to:

  • Read 1 book a month (max. within 2 months – I’m a slow reader)
  • Take 10 minutes before work to clear my mind with meditation (self-experiment)
  • Write playfully with a brush pen (inspired by calligraphy I’ve seen on Instagram)
  • Remind myself of my goals every night and take steps to fulfill them
  • Note down what am I truly grateful towards

A simple list, while my big-but-attainable dream this year would be to take a sabbatical and find myself again.

There used to be so much joy and satisfaction from what I did in my career and life, but something changed and it feels like I lost that something. I want to give myself, time alone, with my thoughts, an absence from the present to realize what was that something and what I have to do to keep it with me, for as long I live.