The unknowing visitor

One evening while I was shutting my windows, I saw a black tail behind a wall. Figured it may have been the cat, but was shocked to see a pair of luminescent eyes staring back at me. There I noticed it wasn’t the cat I thought.

Hello there, civec cat

So maybe it does belong to the cat family. However, it’s my 1st encounter with a civec cat. And reading a little more about it, I believe this is still only a baby – seems like they can grow quite big.

I was lucky to capture a few shots of it today because the crows seemed threatened by it. They were harassing fellow by flying low and near it. Provoking it with their loud cawing as though telling it that “you’re on our territory buddy, get lost”.

Well, I’m not sure if having a civec cat around is a good or bad thing. My Dad would probably say it’s a good thing, as long they don’t come into the house and wreak havoc.

I’m starting to feel like we own a zoo or something. 😐