Google Nexus One Unboxing Ninja Style

My friend; Hakim, twittered this super cool video earlier. It’s got all the makings of a viral video thanks to stop motion (it looks like it to me) and ninjas. Who doesn’t love ninjas? If you’re a chic, sorry for asking. 😛

But seriously, stop motion is ultimately cool when really taken the time and task to do it. And this video was done by YouTube director Patrick Bolvin for Google. How phreaking cool is that?!

Some memorable and respectable stop motion I’ve seen before:

  • Tim Burton’s The Night Before Christmas
  • Corpse Bride
  • James and The Giant Peach
  • Harvie Krumpet
  • Wallace & Gromit

Stop motion is basically capturing still frames (one-by-one) and combining it into a near smooth animated form of film. The passion for stop motion varies between creators as it requires a lot of patience and eye for detail. Some would probably say you’re crazy especially when handycams are so widely available now.

Well, that’s why it’s a passion.