Looking for a Close Shave

My ol shaver; Panasonic National, completely died on me this morning. It’s accompanied me for a good 10 years to say the least. And because of that, why would I want to replace it with any other brand. Thus, after lunch I went shaver hunting with Ariel for this particular model design.

Panasonic shaver ES-573KP

Source: Panasonic Malaysia

We made visits to Sen Heng in Giant, nearby SS2 and another electronics shop in SS2 itself. All of which either didn’t have the model which I wanted, or didn’t carry Panasonic – only Philips. Phbt.

After walking out empty handed from the electronics store in SS2, I thought of buying the shaver directly online from Panasonic Malaysia since they launched their online store. However, as much as free shipping irregardless of price was a great deal, I couldn’t bear the waiting time from ordering.

Delivery normally takes 5 to 14 working days from the date when the Customer receives a notice of acceptance of the order from PM and the delivery slip need to be signed by the recipient. In the event that Product(s) ordered have not been received after 14 working days following the confirmation of order, please contact the CCC at +603-5543 7600.

Source: Panasonic Malaysia Direct

If I were a buying a TV, it’d be understandable. However, if I’m going to need it in 2 days, otherwise I’d end up looking like some chiseled bum, purchasing online direct from Panasonic wasn’t an option. Sigh.

So, the other alternative was to try my luck at a different electronics store. One which would have a large variety and would carry various brands. Ariel suggested 1Utama and I took Panasonic’s word for it since their website listed Best Denki as one of the; mass merchandise outlets.

And true enough. When we went there, they had the model I wanted. But I was too itchy fingered to settle on the older design model. In the end, I made a shaver upgrade to try something different, after 10 long years.

I got this model instead.

Panasonic shaver ES-3831

Source: Panasonic Malaysia

It’s going to be a little weird shaving tomorrow. Since I’m so used to the 90 degree head. And starting tomorrow, I’m going to have to angle this 90 degrees to shave. Hmm. And oh, I bought this because apparently you can now wash the shaver!

LOL! I know I damn jakun. It’s been 10 years, okay!

But besides the shaver, I decided to not waste time driving to 1Utama and money parking there for only less than 10 minutes. So me and Ariel went to watch Toy Story 3 (not in 3D). But I’ll leave the movie review for tomorrow or another day. 🙂