Linkin Park Malaysia concert returned in 2013

Like a friend you’ve not seen for 10 years, I experienced that feeling when Linkin Park performed live in Malaysia again. The last Linkin Park Malaysia concert was held at Stadium Merdeka and ticket were about RM200+. Though their performance was awesome that time, it was together with a not-so-good memory because there were what I deem hooligans. The moment jumping started, a group of us tumbled because of others who were pushing and forcing their ways to the front.

Fast forward to Linkin Park Malaysia concert 2013

Initially I didn’t know about Linkin Park performing in Malaysia until I caught word from someone, which led me to find out the Linkin Park Malaysia concert was to be organized by The WonderLand+.

I made the decision to purchase the more expensive “VIP” ticket this time; RM650, in hope to avoid hooligans as previously. On concert day, I made my way to the stadium around 4:30pm after buying myself an early dinner snack.

At 4.30pm-ish
At 4.30pm-ish

There were some cars already present in the parking lot and I didn’t think anything of it because I assumed with the VIP ticket, my queue wouldn’t be as long. Well, I was kind of wrong.

The not-VIP queue
The not-VIP queue

I found the queue unreasonable and as though being conned to believe “VIP” really meant something. This was because my queue was combined with others who bought tickets for the mosh pit and our concert areas were different. Okay, so here’s where I rant that the management should’ve considered splitting our line because VIP means Very Important Person and we paid 650 bucks okay! *fumes*

Thankfully, I made some friends while queuing and they happened to be in the VIP area too. So we were chatting about the Linkin Park Malaysia concert to past the time and I was glad to know as we’d have each others backs when the concert began. Plus, they were nice enough to help me snap a photo. Thank yous!

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By the way, if there’s 1 lesson after your first concert is it will never start on time. Besides that, other practices when attending a concert is:

  1. Pack a raincoat.
  2. Bring a zipper bag for your mobile phone, in case it pours.
  3. Leave umbrellas in your vehicles.
  4. Leave water bottles behind.
  5. Leave DSLRs / camcorders at home.

Of course, number 5 is pretty obvious unless you’re media. However, we noticed a smart person who brought his GoPro and a monopod to this Linkin Park Malaysia concert. Genius!

When the concert started, it was natural for the crowd to go wild. I was really glad Linkin Park acknowledged their absence for the past 10 years. In addition, I felt more awesome because they said Malaysia was their last stop for this year’s tour. Thank you guys for making the Linkin Park Malaysia concert a reality again!!!


Needless to say, everyone was pumped during the concert and Linkin Park continued to be awesome entertainers.

I noticed while Mike was performing, he threw a pick into the crowd naturally and I think it caught the fans by surprise. Some of them had the “WTF” expression because they didn’t realize what came flying at them.

A quick rant however was some people couldn’t keep their mobile phones in their pants for the length of the song. I noticed many had their phones in the air video recording the songs from start to finish. So in my mind, I was… “Dei! You might as well stay home and watch the Linkin Park DVD.”

The longest I recorded was less than 2 minutes and I was lucky to catch the moment when Mike came down to sing; In the end, with the fans. When it happened, fans were pushing me like a ship in the wave towards where Mike was so I couldn’t do anything else but move with the flow. Thankfully, there wasn’t a tumbling incident like my previous Linkin Park Malaysia concert experience.

After Linkin Park finished their encore set, they gave some freebies like guitar picks and drum sticks to the fans. Unfortunately, none of it came my way as I was hoping a towel would come flying to me. T_T

Nonetheless, I was really happy and proud to have attended the Linkin Park Malaysia concert once again. Furthermore, I was nearer to the stage this time as compared to last. 😀

Next Linkin Park Malaysia concert goal; be in the 2nd row! Fighting~

Linkin Park reinvented their sound

The 1st ever time I listened to Linkin Park was the release of their Hybrid Theory album, which was 10 years ago. Wow. Now that I think about it, it’s been a decade. And the song which I remembered from the album was, One Step Closer. You see flying kung-fu shaolin type performers around.

The sound in the Hybrid Theory contained a lot of anger and sadness. A great mixture for the genre they categorized in. Though thinking about it, their sound have always been rock, alternative and somewhat, electronic.

Then in 2003, they released the Meteora album. The songs made famous were Somewhere I Belong, Breaking the Habit, Numb and Faint. This album to me sounded like there was struggle with a hint of giving up.

It was also during this time, I recall being in Melbourne when I ordered their special edition album which came with a t-shirt plus a DVD. I was very inspired by the music video; Breaking the Habit, with the sketchy style.

Plus, this was the year they had a concert right here in Malaysia! Mosh pit, baby! A concert I’d never forget, which you’d probably can only go now if you went to Singapore. Why? Let’s say, our so called higher-ups were unhappy of their performance behaviour. LOL! B*tches.

In 2007, they released their Minutes to Midnight album. The song I suppose most listeners can relate to would be from the Transformers sequel; What I’ve Done.

Funnily enough, when I re-watched this music video, they were already moving towards the awareness of wars. And in this album, their sound was about the suffering and hope.

Now in 2010, they’ve labeled their new album; A Thousand Suns. The sound is very much different from the past. It’s more electronic to me. Plus, when you listen, you can’t help but feel remorse or an annoying poking feeling.

A friend of mine said, you’d only enjoy the album if you listened to it from beginning to end. Because, it’s like they’re telling you a story. He said, they were talking about WWII. And I don’t think it could be far off, since the album booklet had much war imagery in it.

Then again, everyone interprets music differently – like, design. So, you tell me what you think of this?

This song is; The Catalyst. And while it’s a whole different sound from 2003, I’m gonna let myself immerse in it and sit in first. Slowly taking my time to envision the state of mind, the band members experienced when they created this album.