Does Justin Bieber look like Lim Kok Wing?

While walking in 1Utama, we saw the TuneTalk installation nearby the GSC escalators. It was a large SIM card with hair on it and I kinda guessed who it was, with all the radio airtime shouting about it. So, I turned to Ariel and asked her, who does it remind you of?

tunetalk 1utama installation

Her answer was, Lim Kok Wing. *stone* And looking at it longer, I finally saw the resemblance too, somewhat. LOL!

I thought hard if I should post this because I don’t want to be a victim of useless implications, but we’re not the first who thought this – I checked. 😛

Now, stare at it long, picture the face there. And I hope this wipes off all your Justin Bieber memories. Muahhahahahha!