The sun was gorgeous today

When I left my place for my 1st appointment of the year, I thought the only way to describe the sun was that it was gorgeous. The rays were not overly blinding and the heat was just about there. Plus, traffic seemed smooth sailing all the way. It was a great feeling.

And I guess bringing that thought with me to the appointment really brought good things from the universe.

Fuck, I like it

My client was really happy with the website mockup done and hearing “fuck, I like it” as a compliment couldn’t have made it sound more real. So much so he even vouched to fight for this mockup to be approved by the management later. Gotta love clients like these.

Ask and you shall receive

Plus, I think the universe may have answered me because though it was some news which may not be good for business, to me, I felt it was a sign of a good thing taking its own place in my business.

Oh, I do hope tomorrow’s sun will be another gorgeous one.