Perak’s unknown hot springs

Well, it was very unknown to me. Never did I think we’d be able to find hot springs in Malaysia. Until I followed Ariel and her Japanese class troop for a short trip to Sungkai, Perak. Apparently, place we were heading to was Sungai Kelah (or Klah).

The drive was approximately 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur. Once we got off the highway, we used the town roads and then a single lane road which took us deeper into plantations. Thankfully, signage wasn’t easily missed.

Once parked, we had to ride a super slow tram which traveled for about 100m where you get off and walk into the park. The group planned to take one of the private jacuzzis – we opted for the exclusive pool which could fit all 11 of us.

Private villas yo!

Now that I think about it. We only got half of the house you see. But once you enter, you’ll be able to see the hot spring jacuzzi.

It was bubbling

The setting of the place was a nice Bali concept getaway. Not too bad for a short trip away from the city.

From the inside looking towards the entrance

The small house on the right was air-conditioned. Lucky for us, it was a good morning with no rain and the sun wasn’t burning. Once settled in, we all dipped into the hot spring jacuzzi – clothes on.

Nice and warm

Unlike Japanese baths or onsen (hot spring) where we hear about no clothes allowed, we are in Malaysia and girls here are all too shy. 😛 But later on, I just had to strip off the t-shirt because it was such a bother. And seriously, if you ever dip into the hot springs here, shirts off would allow you to enjoy it more – better skin contact.

After our 2 hours renting the place for RM120/hour, we washed off and packed up to head out. The dip was well-worth it except I felt probably 2 hours was a little too long.

Boil em eggs

On our way out (or your way in), there’s a special spot for boiling eggs which you buy from the nearby stall. And beside this, there was a hot spring where we saw mainly people dipping their feet into the water. It was measured to be 40-50 degrees Celsius. Saw a guy who pulled out his feet from dipping and it looked like he had a pair of pink socks on. Siao!

Well, least I know now there’s an available hot spring within driving distance. And if you really wanted, maybe stop by Bidor for some awesome duck noodles for lunch before returning to the bustling city. 🙂

Damn I miss the Bidor duck noodles.