Birthday present to myself

Another year, another number about to be changed in my age. Unlike Benjamin Button, my number doesn’t decrease though come to think of it I’ve never thought if I’d want to age younger than older. Hmm… *spacing out*

Anyway, so I bought a deck of playing cards. I question my decision whether I bought it out of social influence or I really wanted it. But I guess no point pondering over what’s been done. So, here’s the RM36 (it was 20% off) spent on my 1st deck of Bicycle playing cards.

Ze box

From what I’ve read, this brand of playing cards are normally used in poker games or by magicians. Obviously the ones used in the world poker series doesn’t look so fierce and loud. 😛


The Bicycle playing card company produces a large variation of playing cards alone. If you look in their official online store, you’ll find designs inspired by Steampunk and others. The company also has projects where some purchased decks are part of a social responsibility project. I was tempted to get the Eco deck but it wasn’t practical because the diamonds and hearts were green. *slaps forehead*

One of the other reasons people purchase Bicycle playing cards is because of their design. So far in most of the decks by Bicycle I’ve seen around, designs are normally kept to the Jokers and Aces. In my deck, uniquely designed cards were the Ace of Spades, 2 Jokers and 2 extra cards.

Not your too ordinary playing cards

The feel of the cards is smooth and canvas-like. It’s kind of like plastic cards but not as slippery as the RM5 ones I purchased once. Overall, they make for nice displays while using them.

The other deck of cards I aim to purchase are the Bee playing cards.

Simple yet memorable

They look like your standard cards found in casinos. So I’ll pull out these cards for use when there’s some big moolah to be exchanged on the table. LOL! 🙂

P.S.: My birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday to me!