Italian food at Trattoria Cucina Italiana

One of the hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur beneath a corporate tower isĀ Trattoria Cucina Italiana, which of course means they’re an Italian restaurant. It’s a cozy place which serves some authentic Italian pasta, pizza along with other Italian food on your mind.

Me and some friends visited this Italian restaurant awhile back – missed posting this, because some of them bought the coupon wanting to tryout the food. And being Malaysian as a Malaysian can be, we had to go makan-lah. šŸ˜›

trattoria kitchen
The kitchen

The road to the restaurant wasn’t exactly straight-forward because it’s found on the ground floor of the Perkasa Tower, nearby Beach Club thereabout. Parking in the building tells you its either old (narrow ramps) or maybe everyone were driving old minis previously. *shrug*

Authentic styles normally are consistently good – taste wise. We started with some bruschetta and I think, risotta balls. Our main meals were pasta – wasn’t runny nor too thick, and it made sure we had space in our stomachs for pizza and even some dessert.

italian food
Bruschetta, pasta, beef and pizza

All of us agreed the food was satisfying and we wouldn’t mind returning for another meal in the future. I can’t recall how much I paid for two (me and Ariel didn’t get the coupon) but I think our meal was around RM65-75 per person.

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