How-To: Like our wedding contest entry

In anime, we’ve what we call; filler episodes, where it’s a storyline which has little or nothing to do with the actual story being told. So, I guess this would be considered that. LOL!

Weirdly enough, I’ve noticed friends liking my Facebook Wall post rather than visiting the actual wedding entry to vote for us. Thus, here’s a visual guide for everyone so your support doesn’t go to waste. πŸ˜›

Step 1: Visit our dream wedding entry webpageΒ (Click the text or this link)

Step 2: Look for the Facebook Like button at the bottom of the entryΒ – before the related posts. Notice the red arrows in the image below.

Look for the Facebook Like button

Β Step 3: Click on the Like button to vote for us. πŸ˜€

And you have successfully contributed your vote to our cute Japanese-Korean inspired wedding! Thank yousssss!!!!

Me and Ariel are really appreciative of you supporting us and we’re really looking forward to it happening. Though it may not be the best time to share this, 2 other couples have garnered 400-900 votes at this moment. So, please do lend us a hand to visit our wedding entry to like it.


Pssst…after you liked it, if you want, you can also click on the Send button to post a message on your Facebook Wall to ask some friends to help us out. πŸ˜›

Thanks again for supporting the both of us. πŸ™‚