DIY Unifi cable gutter

The few things I did before installing Unifi was visit my cousin who had it already and had a look at the wiring. I know that the technicians will pull a Unifi cable from the telephone post behind your house. But I wanted to make sure what else they may have to do.

TM Unifi box

As far as I know, landed properties with telephone poles behind or in front of the house should have this if Unifi is in your area. For high rise buildings, friend of a friend shared it’s cables running through the electrical cabinet or something like that. For commercial or business areas, there’s a flatter box (in that colour) stuck on your wall – most likely near your mailboxes.

My cousin said their TM Unifi involved some drilling because technicians had to pull the cable into the house to where your STB (set top box) for the HyppTV is placed. I chose not to configure this yet during my installation because:

  1. We already have Astro.
  2. I rarely watch TV and Astro.
  3. I’ve no interest in the programs HyppTV offers.

Anyway, technicians still had to pull the Unifi cable to the 2nd floor of where our router was placed. The cable ran through the window and no hole was drilled. Apparently, they didn’t have the tools to do it either. *shrug*

Now, here’s the part where I made a cable gutter at the window. Simply because I was worried if the fibre optic cable bent too much, it’ll damage the cable later. God knows what’s the cost of doing the rewiring work again.


So I’ve made a small gutter. The cable won’t be damaged in the long run after being grazed by the window now. Tools used were a small hacksaw, chisel and hammer. After which I took some wiring tape to stick the wire down.

Sorry to say that if your window is the casement type.

This one

You may need to put a hole in your wall for the wire to run through.

Or, if you’re a Unifi customer or installer with these windows, please do share how you worked around this. 🙂