The fucking awesome Avengers

Updated: May 8, 2012

If you’re blaming yourself for not sticking around for the 2nd credit scene of the movie, don’t be. It was nothing uber hilarious. [incoming spoiler] It’s just the Avengers sitting down eating in a quiet awkward moment.

Yesterday me and my friends decided to reward ourselves with not just an epic movie, but to be seated in GSC Premiere. Big comfy chairs with much leg space around you. With the exception that Ariel’s hot dog order was never delivered to us. 🙁

Avengers assemble!!!

One of the things the movie made me want to do is re-watch some the films again. You’ll need to remember some of the previous stories to follow a bits of the film when they reference back to it. No kidding. One of the things I was wondering is why was Black Widow so afraid of the Hulk. Hmm…

I found the best part of the movie was when the action started. From then on, it’s storyline was bang-bang-bang. I don’t mean it literally but I really liked it when the pace picked up.

Of course there was the things you’ll hear Tony Stark say. However, if you really want a laugh, here’s something to make you cry your eyes out laughing. Thanks to 9gag. 😛

It's complicated

I must say although Hawkeye wasn’t his real self like the comics – costume was purple, the movie fellows got his ability down almost perfectly with the customizable arrows.

And besides Tony Stark, I was really surprised and happy to see Hulk been given a script which made people find his character more attractive. “Puny God, phbt!” 😀

Who the hell is that next villain in The Avengers 2?!

Seriously, after the movie I was busy digging online on who that villain was at the end. Superhero films are really my thing because I grew up with a number of them. So don’t blame me for wanting to find out, urgently. LOL!

And I found my answer! Ladies and gentlemen, meet the villain.

Thanos of Titan

I’d love to be able to tell you more about him but The Avengers wasn’t a comic I followed closely. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to what maybe new characters could be introduced in the upcoming film.

As far as I can tell, superhero films are ripe for the milking now. 😛