Rest in peace old girl

Ginger was a labrador. A very laid back one at that.

Old gal

She joined our family, I dare say, more than 15 years ago. In dog years, that’s like an old grandmother of 73 years old. She was never demanding, only wishing to lay near us when we’re watching the tv and having meals. Her barks were kind. Only to inform us she needed to go outside and do her business. Ginger was that kind of friend. One who listened and one who accompanies you quietly.

Old age had caught up with her. Knowing her arthritis had been going from bad to worst. And knowing we couldn’t do anything more about it as the vet said. All we could do and what she (Ginger) did was live out her days. Up until today. Up until around 5.00pm.

Rest in peace, dear friend