1st time voter in the Malaysia General Elections

It was 8.00 AM and together with my family, we went for breakfast. Let me say this earlier, we have not had breakfast together like this in awhile. And I’m thankful for it because of this general election. In addition, I witnessed many other families eating together. One man with his grandfather looked so happy and proud – a sight rarely seen.

After a good breakfast, we left for the polling station and parked our car not far off to walk there. As we walked toward the entrance, we stopped at the SPR counter to check our room.

SPR clerk verification counter
SPR clerk verification counter

After the verification, I was given a paper with the room number.

Room number 8
Room number 8

And as usual, my Dad jokingly was talking about 4D when he saw I was room number 8. *facepalm*

So once we knew our rooms, we walked in and join the right queue. There were several lines formed and a paper stuck on the wall roughly indicated the location of the rooms.

My queue was stupendously long from 1 corner of the block, across the bridge connecting to the next block, up the stairs and all the way further.

I kid you not.
I kid you not.

The elderly and senior citizens had it easier because their rooms were on the ground floor. Some of the rooms there even had chairs outside for the voters to sit.

Sit once you're done
Sit and wait

Back in my queue, some voters were requested to proceed to their rooms ahead because the lines were short. However, mine was a long way to go.

ge13 006
My room was at the end of the line

When I reached the floor of my room, I was wondering that it would’ve been more systematic if they used the middle stairs you see in the photo for my queue. Because this would make it less confusing of which queue voters should follow. All the voters from Room 5 to 8 were in my queue, then formed more queues when they were on the top floor as you can see.

Anyway, when it came to my turn to enter the room, I was hoping to get the middle clerk to paint the indelible ink for me because I noticed he was neater. Whereas I got the first clerk and… -_-

Rather messy if you asked me
Rather messy if you ask me

Once we walked out of the polling station, I felt really proud to do my share this round and I was strongly hoping for a change. As much as I know it wouldn’t really happen, I was still hoping in this round we’d give them a run for their money and they’d be sweating buckets to know we’re the generation to deal with from now on.

And if you were wondering how to remove the indelible ink, I made a video testing 4 different methods and shared other methods found – like Clorox.