Wolverine battle scars

Logistics company sent 1 lorry and only 1 big dude to help deliver 2 crates weighing 45KGs! OMG! Because of this, I had to help the dude carry the crates down from the lorry which wasn’t the low type.

Personally, I’m fine helping the guy but I was fucking pissed off by the packaging – fucking nails jutted out. Not wearing any gloves or wrapping the nails before unloading, my palm was the victim of this delivery. Fuck you, forwarding company who didn’t have common sense to nail the thing.

palm cut
Wolverine got me!

Once the delivery guy left, I washed the wound of my oozing blood and dried it. Then applying some fresh aloe vera as it’s meant to help with cuts. After which, my Dad suggested washing with Dettol and applying anti-septic cream to the wound. So I did.

By night, the wound wasn’t too bad and I was showing friends over mamak how I fled away from Wolverine.

palm cut
By nightfall

There was still some oozing from the wounds – looked like water. But everyone’s concern was more on whether it was rusty nails, as it would cause tetanus later.

I believe I was lucky this time. But will monitor its recovery, as my Dad mentioned if I notice puss, then I may have to go for a tetanus jab.

Damn you, forwarding company! *fist in the air*