Picture editing mistakes

I stumbled onto this edited picture and couldn’t help but want to blog about it. Coming from me as a designer, I just found this so so bad editing.


Unless you have never seen a picture from a digital device before, your gut feel will tell you there’s something amiss by looking at the picture.

Find the mistakes in the picture

Let me describe from a designers point of view the more obvious mistakes.


  1. The logos on the left are very white and unaffected by the shop’s lighting.
  2. All logos on the right are angled, which will happen if you’re not taking a photo straight on. The logos on the left maintain its square shape without any angles.
  3. The green line drawn shows the alignment. And because there are “invisible” lines to the counter’s design, it’s easier to tell the alignment is off.
  4. Logos on the left do not fit properly into the boxes on the last row as compared to the original.

How I would have done it

The thing about being a designer is you can be quite the perfectionist, depending on how perfect an image or result you want to produce.

What I would have done was remove the original logos first. Then add my own logos, after which I correct the perspective needed. Once I’m happy with that, I’ll start work on making the logo more immersed with the original image.