How to remove indelible ink from Malaysia General Election (GE13)

I’m a 1st time voter and I’m proud to say I had taken my first patriotic duty for my Malaysia. Woohoo! Plus, this is the 1st time indelible ink was used.

How to remove indelible ink?

So, say you wanted to remove the indelible ink. My friends were suggesting numerous methods; hand sanitizer, toothpaste, soap and sponge. Before I did all that (yes, I tried it all), I asked Uncle Google “how to remove indelible ink” and eHow suggested rubbing alcohol. The pharmacy didn’t have it so instead, I used nail polish remover and here was my finding.

I believe mine was more difficult to clean because it was dry. And by the time I finished testing out all of this, other alternative methods to remove indelible ink appeared online. *facepalm*

Soap and exfoliating glove

[vcfb id=10151360487017163]

JIF paste and hard brown brush


So by the end of the day, what was the method you used to remove the indelible ink?