A Singapore Christmas

Happy new years! We headed down to Singapore this year for Christmas to celebrate it with the rest of the family. In summary, I truly love Singapore’s transportation infrastructure; its safety and its breezes. Oh, how nice it was walking in the night in your shorts, when a whiff of breeze just blows across cooling your every being. Syok.

Double layer wha?!

After reaching Vivo City and wanting to rid ourselves of the hunger pangs, we couldn’t find the initial restaurant we wanted (looks like we’re far off from being called Masters of Malls) so we headed to some pizza place at the food court. And this blew my mind.

Double layer pizza
Double layer pizza

It’s a sandwich, but a pizza. Wha?! Anyway, taste wise was nothing to scream about.

Might fine fish noodles

The next time I come down to Singapore and I see a crazy queue at an eatery, I will put 80% of my trust in the Singaporean’s choice to tell me that the food must be good. Because damn, this fish noodle was super good to me.

Not far away from this stall, there was an even longer queue for Lor Mee but I’m not such a big fan of it.

Lor Mee queue
Lor Mee queue

However, I did catch a glimpse of the bowls ordered to the nearby tables. They must have ordered the large bowl because it was BIG! And I could see the gooey dark brown sauce; it looked tasty.


In 2013, me and the wifey travelled to Singapore in order to catch The Lion King (which was awesome) and Wicked (which was awesome too). And since we were in Singapore, we decided to catch Notre Dame de Paris.

I’ve only watched the Disney version so I was kind of confused with the storyline this time.

Though, I must commend the male voices for being clear when sang. And surprisingly, I found it really challenging making up the words when Esmerelda sang – maybe English wasn’t her strongest language. *shrug*

Father-Son Time at golf

Nowadays, I rarely have the chance to golf, let alone play with my brothers and Dad. So we took the opportunity to head Johor for a round at Kukup Golf Resort.

Full quorum
Full quorum

The course had wide fairways and a good range of Par 3s to Par5s for us to play. On the other hand, what was stopping this golf course to me for being good was the maintenance of the grass length. Roughs were long enough to lose balls even after tee off, despite sure efforts identifying the ball definitely landed nearby.

And the midway rest area toilets were, well, to put it nicely…bad.

Johor-Tuas traffic congestion madness

Never in my life had I been stuck in a congestion lasting almost 3 hours or more. Thank goodness my bladder didn’t burst while in the car! And I do pray never to get stuck in it, ever again.

Now back in Malaysia, I miss the cleaner Singapore air, freedom from worries walking in the night and the cool breeze which moves. Sigh.