Tapping feet too

As a kid, parents called me a penguin for liking to walk like one. I’m not sure why myself but I think it was because I was mimicking Charlie Chaplin. And if you didn’t know who’s he, you can go jump off a cliff now. Seriously.

Rowan Atkinson's role model

Okay. So talking about penguins, last night I watched Happy Feet 2 with Ariel and her learning Japanese classmates. Their teacher has been only in Malaysia for less than 6 months so as hospitable Malaysians, we’ve made it our conquest to show her around including the cinema here. 😛

So how was Happy Feet 2?!

Right, coming back to Happy Feet 2. The first movie was about Mumble finding himself and returning with his identity. This continuation still focuses on Mumble, but from a fatherly figure.

And in this second movie, they’ve introduced side characters to the story. I suppose it’s to fill in for the gaps of not really focusing on Mumble’s kid. Then again, you’d want to just keep watching the little furball and want to squeeze the life out of him cause he so cute!!! 😉

Overall, it was entertaining for a family movie. It’s a movie kids should learn to appreciate from the moral lessons in it.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKWNUyTGqss]

What was the recent movie you watched?