Say hello to our little friend

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 25.


It’s a Polaroid camera me and Ariel decided to buy for ourselves. We started our hunt in the LowYat forums because that’s where you get some bargains for technology related products. After some enquiring, we got to know one of the sellers was going to be around town. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it back to where we wanted to COD (Cash on Delivery).

So while at Amcorp Mall, we walked into the camera shop nearby Starbucks since I knew they’d definitely carry this camera. After asking the price, it was near what we were about to pay the LowYat seller. So after haggling another RM5, we just bought it from the shop. Malaysian mar. :p

Okay. So seriously, biggest investment isn’t the camera itself. It’s got to be the film and the particular batteries. A box of plain polaroid film costs RM25 per box – according to Ariel, works out to about RM2.50 per photo. Then, CR2 batteries costs RM25 per battery, and this camera uses 2 of it! O.O Die!

Despite the investment, I guess this was to be expected and we’re still very happy with the camera. Only thing now is to make sure we’ve to make all shots count. Lol!