My 1st EVER go-kart experience!

Me and the group of BNI Radiant friends tried out the go-karts at Malaysia Agricultural Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) – absolute mouthful. It was an Everyday groupon deal suggested by one of the members and since I’ve never been in a go-kart (yes, NEVER), I saw this as a good opportunity to have a go at it.

Before we flagged off, everyone had to provide their name, mobile number and email – I think. Once that was done, we were given fishnets for our heads – presuming for hygiene purposes. But thank goodness we were given them, because the helmets were soaked in sweat. Eeewww.

After getting the helmet on, staff were pointing us to our cars. Before jumping right into the seats, I noticed gravel in them and was wondering why – which I found out soon enough. As soon everyone was in their go-karts, staff pulled strings on the engines to rev them up. Then, we were off.

One of the first things I noticed was, if you weren’t tall enough, you’d not be able to comfortably accelerate and brake the go-kart – seats weren’t adjustable. Nonetheless, I just floored the fuel and see what the go-kart could do. And man, my member wasn’t joking when he said these things can go quite fast.

After a couple of rounds, my kart behaved funny – unbalanced. Slowing down a little, I noticed my front left tyre had blew! WHAT?!

So I drove into the pt-stop and got a kart changed – which I loved. Because the kart I got was much faster and handling seemed to be much better than my first kart. Hence, I was zooming faster and was even more daring to handle corners. During which, I got first hand experience of knowing what a drift would feel like. Woohooo!


However, I think if you’re not a casual go-kart driver, you’d feel a little nauseous – I felt that way, almost wanting to throw up. Oh, remember the gravel. You get debris flung at you because the track you’re on is a normal parking lot which they just tar once it awhile.

Overall, my first go-kart experience was satisfying and I left with a minor blister in the center of my left palm – believed to be because I was holding the steering too tightly. *shrug*

Now, if only I could drift a REAL CAR.