The day ruined

Ever had one of those mornings where something happens, you don’t think too much of it and for an unknown reason, it turns out to be not a good day. Well, mine oddly started with a ballpoint pen snapping its hook piece which I’ve amended before. And I thought nothing of it since it was broken and glued it back before.

Then came my morning business meeting with a client. I’m not going to reveal or talk a lot about this matter to maintain a level of professionalism. However, what I would say is my day was ruined from that meeting onwards.

It was so bad, I tweeted that I felt like punching something and breaking my arm. Though I guess I’m lucky to have a friend always nearby – like chewak. Thanks for trying to turn the scenario around.

My whole being was so stressed from this morning that I could’ve just broken down. Even when I got home, I didn’t have any appetite. I just ate Maggi mee for the sake of knowing I’ll need to eat.

Then as much as I wanted to join Ariel for dinner with her colleagues, I couldn’t lose this feeling of being suffocated by this darkness. I felt like even if I forced myself to go, I’d be such a killjoy without much emotion. So I just told her, I wanted to be alone for awhile.

Though I did manage to get some work done and the darkness isn’t as heavy anymore, I still feel a pressure on my chest.

It was really a day ruined. FML.